A Man in Tear

In recent years, my father has always had some minor health problems. I don't know if it's due to the previous surgery.

Several days ago, he caught a cold, but he no longer has a runny nose, and began to keep tears.

I suddenly felt that my father was getting old all of a sudden, and how much he needed the care of his family. I could not help but notice how fast time passed and wonder why I still quarreled with my father about some trifles before.

Thinking of leaving my parents for a long time in the future, I should spend time with them in these months.

Cover: One of the Family - Frederick George Cotman

Collectivism and Individualism

Life is in constant struggle.
The post-modern conflicts starts to emerge in myself. I feel trapped in a tug of collectivism, society and individualism. Sometimes, when I see people playing games together, I want to join in. However, deep in my mind, I still resist, or look down, such things.
That reminds me James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Thus, I use his potrait as the cover.

Some inspiring sentences for me now:
"If you let yourself become involved with worldly gossip past a certain point, the stench of the human world seeps in through the pores of your skin, and its grime begins to weigh you down" - Natsume Soseki

Observing the world with a sense of detachment is probably the best way for me to deal with the clashes with these two values.

Individual Value

The world is collapsing. This is something my friend said this morning (because of his girlfriend).

It brings me to an interesting point I saw yesterday: in the seventies and eighties of the last century, Chinese people advocated individualism, but, now, the new generation, born in the nineties, prefers collectivism more and more.

On the whole, this is like the death of idealism after it confronts some social reality. People lose the ability to tolerate the gap between ideal and reality.

But when I think about it, my generation is a little different. I have seen in my generation the outstanding idealist, having the spirit of not fearing authority and the ideal to change the society. Perhaps with the economy now highly developed, a new cultural wave will be revived in China. I'm dying to have the pomp of the eighties.

Square Dance

Here's the interesting thing:

It turns out that people don't do square dancing at 7:30 in the morning on holidays and at weekends. I always thought they would dance (at least on holidays).

I feel a little bit ashamed that I have lived here for so long and have not discovered this dark rule. But, generally speaking, it's interesting.

Maybe this is the details of life!

Lost Vicinity

Inspired by the dicussion between Biao Xiang and Zhiyuan Xu.

At some point, in the young man's words, the world was divided into two parts: one part home, the other part big world

But the thing in between, the Vicinity, is blurred or intentionally destroyed.

From my point of view, I'm not familiar with the things around home, for example the number of restaurants and vegetable markets near my home; (You can actually make a lot of cases here).
This may be due to the commute between school and home, but as Xiang has pointed out, it is also a social problem - people are gradually neglecting their Vicinity. [Maybe that's the reason why people feel lonely after talking with others because there is no bridge (vicinity) between the large world and the home.]

This is also my New Year's resolution: go into the Vicinity and experience the Life.


As more and more applicatoin essays are written, a phenomenon of homogenization inevitably appears. I kind of hate this.

I thought of Andy Warhol's work, so I made a picture made up of 9 Marilyn Monroe;

After finishing the work, I actually felt quite ironic: Is this a form of repetitive work?

Conversation and Loneliness

An interesting and ironic thought occurred to me before I went to bed last night:

Modern people feel lonely because they communicate too much with others.

I don't know if it's because feeling the gap between "myself" and the person I'm communicating with, or if it's because some contemporary communication has gone wrong

So the cover uses Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks": though everyone seems to be communicating or having something to do, they are lonely.

Antagonism, Courage, Scream

After watching 十三邀 5.1, the dialogue between Xu Zhiyuan and Luo Xiang is somewhat understandable and even somewhat oppressed

[Seeing the flash of 1984; Xu's jokes on The Struggle for Law; Conversation on Gadfly of city-state]

There are, so to speak, three distinct contrasts that carry through the conversation:
The contrast between ideal and reality, between knowing and doing and between the past and the present.

One Zhihu user was quoted as saying: "Two people who both think they are timid have shown us what it means to have no courage with their practical actions."
Perhaps, as Luo said, "Among the most beautiful qualities of human beings, what we lack most may be courage."

Woods, Wind and Clouds, Maple Leaves, Snow

After watching Li Ziqi video, I always have the idea of going to live in the mountains
Woods, Wind and Clouds, Maple Leaves, Snow is always the first thing I think of

In the first picture, I'll just use this as the keynote